José Antonio de Artigas Sanz vs. Mateiaşul Mare River

José Antonio de Artigas Sanz

No José = no glowsticks = no raves

This guy is clearly a genius: before he even finished university, he created luminescence for the first time ever using noble gases. That was way back in 1907, when making shit glow pretty much amounted to the biggest magic trick ever. Then he made a bunch of big contributions to the field of electrical engineering, which I don’t really understand, but I suppose were very impressive and important. The glowing gas, though – that’s the awesome part. Rave kids everywhere owe their whole existence to José.


Mateiaşul Mare River

While I can appreciate the “standardization of terminology in the field of electrical engineering,”I’m not going to pretend like I understand it. What I can understand is the beauty of Mateiasul Mare River. Headwater of the Mateiasul River in Romania, which is itself a tributary of the Olt River, which is the longest river flowing exclusively through that country. Originating in the Hasmas mountains, the number of tributaries are too many to list here but the intricate network runs through 11 pictureqsue towns and villages in Romania formed due to the flourishing commerce exchange between Transylvania and Walachia on the Olt’s transversal valley. Along with breathtaking scenery, there are several resorts and spas along its course through the mountains. And there’s also white water rafting. Suddenly Romania has just moved to the top of the list of places I want to visit so that I can witness this wonder of nature with my own eyes. Just take a look at this guy’s trip. Seems a bit more exciting than contemplating the performance on incandescent lighting.

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