Allen Ludden’s Gallery vs. Intelligent computer-assisted language instruction

Allen Ludden’s Gallery

If he's good enough for Betty White, he's good enough for me

Any show co-hosted by Betty White is an automatic win in my book. Allen Ludden’s Gallery was a short-lived tv talk show in the late ’60s. Ludden (aka Mr. Betty White) was best known for hosting game shows like Password and being married to Betty White, and his talk show was an attempt to try to develop a younger audience. Personally, I’m surprised the show didn’t take, considering Betty White is just the best, and Ludden at least rocked some amazing hair and glasses (see below). In any case, there is no trace of the show on YouTube, so I will just assume that Allen Ludden’s Gallery was the greatest talk show of all time and no one can prove me wrong.


Intelligent computer-assisted language instruction

Granted, Toshiba's speech recognition screensaver involving a talking bunny is pretty lame. But just imagine a day when it'll be able to tell you exactly what to say to win over the girl of your dreams.

I’m certainly not qualified to explain to you the intricacies of Intelligent Computer Assisted Language Instruction, also known as ICALI, but you know it’s important. It encompasses the application of computing technologies to further the interaction between computer and human languages. Automatic Speech Recognition is probably the most well-known example of ICALI applications. You know, when you have a cute program where your computer will respond to certain questions: “How are you?” and then you get a robotic voice answering: “I am fine.” Granted, this is kinda lame, and I admit that even an episode of Allen Ludden Gallery is probably more entertaining.

But ICALI is constantly progressing, aiming towards a day when your computer will evolve past simple one-word answers into a full dialogue. Imagine being able to shoot the shit with your PC? After coming home from a crappy day of work you’ll have something to vent to that will be able to offer you advice on what to do. And not that stupid advice your friends are giving you that usually consists of things you just want to hear.

Your computer is going to tell it to you straight and immediately solve all your problems. There’s no guesswork with a computer. Your computer is not going to tell you to break up with your girlfriend if it computes that you have no prospects. Or tell you to never give up your dreams when they are totally unrealistic and unattainable. When ICALI reaches it’s potential, you will have a new best friend. And in the meantime, ICALI is already helping people learn foreign languages through Intelligent Tutoring Services.

Allen Ludden’s Gallery was apparently Ludden’s attempt to reach out to younger people but he frankly wasn’t very up with the times. People afraid of computers taking over the world should realize that ICALI is trying to make it so you can voice these concerns yourself. Within seconds you’ll be relieved to know that computers really don’t have these intentions at all because, well, they’re just computers and don’t aspire to anything.

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