Lake Karapiro vs. St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Lake Karapiro

Skull! Skull! Skull!

According to the New Zealand Herald, Fisa thinks that Lake Karapiro, which is on New Zealand’s north island, is “one of the most picturesque lakes in the world.” What more do you want? The lake will be hosting the World Rowing Championships this year, which is an excellent coup, considering it is a man-made lake originally built in 1947 to store water for the nearby Karapiro Power Station.

Lake Karapiro is reputed to be one of the best rowing venues in New Zealand, though to be fair, I’m not sure what kind of competition it’s got and, for that matter, I’m not sure what makes for a quality rowing venue. But Lake Karapiro isn’t just good for rowers, it’s also a fantastic vacation spot. If anyone is paying attention, I would not mind being swept away to thislodge that overlooks the lake. (I’m not nuts about rowing, but I do love canoeing. And lodges with great views.)

In short: does ANYWHERE in Minnesota have anything that compares to this?


St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Now I’ve never been to Minnestota before, but if I did go, I’d be sure to visit St. Louis Park. A look at their comprehensive website alone tells you that this place has got its shit together. Ever notice how most city or town websites absolutely suck and never really tell you anything? Not this one. Just browsing on the site I’m intrigued by how extensive the listings are. If I suddenly had to pick up and move their overnight, I feel like it wouldn’t take me anytime at all to feel at home there. Of course, that’s pure bullshit speculation on my part so let’s try to deal with some facts.

Home to 44,000 residents, St. Louis Park was recently named one of the “100 Best Communities for Young People” in the United States. Any city actually addressing future generations is OK in my books. And I’m also glad to here the “Park” isn’t just part of a clever name. The city apparently boasts “limitless trails and parks,” many of which connect to downtown Minneapolis, the Uptown area, Hopkins and Chaska. Imagine being able to walk or bike to work without having to deal with asshole drivers? Or having “51 parks throughout the city to enjoy?” St. Louis Park has set aside 11.5 per cent of its land for parks. That means, no condos are built there. I’m fucking moving.

Don’t get me wrong, as much as I love nature, I still want to have things to do. Unlike being in the middle of nowhere New Zealand. Apparently the economy in St. Louis Park is in decent shape but the main draw for me is that is seems to have a pretty vibrant arts scene with a theatre district and art exhibits. Even if the art programs there do suck, the Coen brothers are from there. And apparently their latest film, A Serious Man, reflects on their lives there. Now, I haven’t seen the film and if it makes St. Louis Park out to look quite bleak, well then, it’s still an awesome place to be cause it inspires good art. It’s also encouraging to see that St. Louis Park belongs to a fairly liberal demographic and that makes sense considering Al Franken grew up there. I’m seriously thinking of moving there. You could do a lot worse than with that kind of company.

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