Larry Ruvo vs. USS Procyon (AF-61)

Larry Ruvo

First off, congratulations to Larry Ruvo (aka Jaime Avila Damian) on finally being allowed to drink as of last week. Frankly, I’m not sure what this kid has done besides play a lot of video games and develop a “smell free game room”, and Google isn’t helping me out much. A search for “Larry Ruvo” brings up Las Vegas’ other, more impressive Larry Ruvo, a businessman who is funding a brain research centre.

This little gamer kid seems to have hacked the real Mr. Ruvo’s Wikipedia page. I call shenanigans.

Listen up Jaime: You’re the VP of the Anime Club at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. That’s great, and I’m sure you’re much beloved by your other club members. And you’re a Pokemon master? That’s very nice. Your parents must be very proud. But you’re a big boy now. You can go out and buy a girl a drink. I know you live in Las Vegas, where that sort of thing tends to end in impromptu marriage (at least I assume from my understanding of films set in Las Vegas – I haven’t actually been there myself), but come on. Pull yourself away from the screen. Get out there! You seem to have hacked the real Larry Ruvo’s wikipedia page for some reason. Are you trying to impress a girl or something? You need to get away from your games and go play in the real world for awhile. And stop trying to take attention away from businessmen who are doing their best to combat Alzheimer’s disease, which remains one of the most terrifying and heartbreaking afflictions around.

The real Larry Ruvo sounds like a great guy – the world could use more businessmen who care about more than just making money, and Alzheimer’s research is a very worthy cause. So who are we voting on here? The respectable Larry Ruvo, or the Pokemon master? Let’s say the real Larry Ruvo the philanthropist, who has already beaten out the fake Larry Ruvo in a mini-round of Tournament of Everything. Alzheimer’s research is better than video games. It just is.


USS Procyon (AF-61)

War is hell. It really is true. And no one knows that better than the troops who serve to protect our country while the rest of us write snarky blogs that debate frivolous things such as is one thing better than another or sit around and play video games all day. If I did enlist, I would join the navy. And I would hopefully be part of the crew for a ship like the USS Procyon. As a stores ship, it provides supplies, including frozen, chilled and dry provisions, and propulsion and aviation fuel to navy combatant ships that are at sea for extended periods of time. So while this in turn makes me look like a total pussy in not wanting to engage in combat, the provisions of course are central to battle as well. The ship was assigned to WestPac and for service in Vietnam. Whether I agree with that war or not, the crew of the USS Procyon was there to help their fellow troops. Oddly enough, the current state of the ship is unknown. But looking over a previous crew list and the comments by former crew members show a fondness and love for the boat (“the best time of my life on the big-p ”) and the memories and camaraderie that last a lifetime.

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