Waterloo (ABBA album) vs. KBUC

Waterloo (ABBA album)

I feel like I win when I lose...

Now here is a real contender. The song is stuck in your head already, isn’t it? Waterloo was ABBA‘s second album, and the album that introduced ABBA to the world outside Scandinavia. Where would us non-Scandinavians be without the glorious pop confections of ABBA? For that alone Waterloo stands head and shoulders above some Texan country music station.

The titular song not only topped the charts in the UK, it was the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974. (Please do yourself a favour and watch that video – how could they not win, with their spiky guitars, shiny pantaloons and conductor dressed like Napoleon?)

Ok, so the album itself isn’t exactly brimming over with ABBA gold (to be fair, only ABBA Gold is ABBA Gold), but at least the wildly underrated Honey, Honey is on there (what? That song is the sweetest! HA! Sorry.) And, frankly, Waterloo itself is enough to carry this album (I believe a Eurovision win is an automatic win according to the official Tournament of Everything rulebook). And as I mentioned above, this was the album that introduced the world outside of Scandinavia to ABBA, and for that reason alone it should be treasured. Think of it this way: if not for Waterloo, the world might have been denied the opportunity to witness Meryl Streep pour her heart into The Winner Takes it All as if it were Strindberg in Mamma Mia. And how much poorer as a society would we be?



I’m not much of a country music fan, at least not the kind of country music that dominates the charts these days. And I do actually kinda like Abba. So what do we do here? Well frankly, Waterloo isn’t a very good album. It’s not even a very good song (overrated if you ask me. Whereas Does Your Mother Know?is totally underrated. Not trying to get off topic here but just wanted to show I wasn’t flippantly dismissing one of Abba’s most-loved hits). So I’m going to put it like this: If you were stuck on a desert island and had to choose between only listening to Abba’s Waterloo or could tune into KBUC, which would you pick? Don’t be a fool here.

Sadly, I can’t sample the station online and as far as I can tell, they don’t even have an official website. So I’m going to take the programmers’ from Raymondville, Texas, at their word when they claim to play “real country” and assume that listening to KBUC for the remaining years of my deserted-on-an-island life would make me an informed and hopefully enriched country music listener by the time I die.

While listening to only country music would surely drive anyone insane, there are people who actually do this in non-deserted situations and seem to still be reasonably functional human beings. On the other hand, even the most die-hard Abba fan would go completely fucking berserk in less than a week of listening to Waterloo over and over again, and would probably opt to devour themselves alive to end the pain. In the meantime, I’d be relaxing on my island learning the subtle differences of subgenres in country music and probably also learning about what’s happening in the civilized world through their news updates (like if there’s a fucking search mission looking for me, for instance – assuming this station has news updates). One thing’s for sure, I could get a break from country music during hockey season and follow all of the Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees games! Go Killer Bees!!!

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  1. ABBA..Waterloo!I love this album!Best wishes!

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  3. […] Considering that right now I am listening to a Pet Shop Boys live album and bopping around in my seat (when are we going to get Pandemonium into the tournament? This song wins so hard!), I’m probably not the greatest person to defend a record label that is primarily responsible for launching stoner rock. It was a lot easier that time I got Abba. […]

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