Malibu (Toronto) vs. Nebraska Highway 51

Malibu (Toronto)

Is your condo guarded by giant toy soldiers? Didn't think so.

Despite its misguided name (we live in Canada, and you’re not fooling anyone, developers), Malibu is one of the less offensive condos to go up in the waterfront area. It’s tucked nicely out of the way on Fleet St. near Fort York, in the otherwise deserted stretch where Bathurst meets Lakeshore (yeah, it’s a pretty terrible intersection. But it’s OUR terrible intersection). Anyway, according to this Toronto Star article from last March, the property on which Malibu was developed was committed to house a public art piece, even though it changed owners several times.

So in November 2008, the site unveiled a monument designed by Canadian artist and author Douglas Coupland called A Monument to the War of 1812, which commemorates the time the Americans tried to invade and failed and everyone ate political mint chocolate. Or something.

In short, condos? Not so great. Condos forced to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on public art? Rad. If highways were forced to display public art, maybe Nebraska’s Highway 51 would stand a chance. But how can a highway compete with oversized toy soldiers, really?


Nebraska Highway 51

Connecting drivers to Wisner and Decatur... The second oldest settlement in Nebraska!

So it’s highway vs. condo. Two things I’m not a fan of. But at least the Nebraska Highway 51 isn’t going to bother me over in Toronto, unlike the Malibu condominiums that continues the great rape of this city’s harbourfront. I guess in its defense we can say that people gotta live somewhere, right? But does it have to be at the expense of a great view? Nebraska Highway 51 is a no-nonsense 58.95 km that gets you from Wisner to Decatur. Might seem kinda insignificant but I’ll have you know that Wisner is the “Livestock Center of Nebraska!” and that Decatur … well, as they put it: “Decatur…The second oldest settlement in Nebraska!” Let’s be fair, those destinations already seem a whole lot more appealing than our harbourfront. Zing! Next road trip through the States calls for a detour on Nebraska Highway 51 for sure.

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