S3 Chrome vs. Kolporter Kielce

S3 Chrome

Imagine a world without pictures on screens...NOOOOOOOOO!

I gotta level with you: I am completely baffled by this one, and the messy Wikipedia article isn’t helping me out too much. As far as I can tell, the S3 Chrome is a type of graphics processing unit, which is “a specialized processor that offloads 3D graphics rendering from the microprocessor.” I don’t understand computer programming at all (I still think fax machines are powered by psychic little elves), and I can’t find any descriptions of of what a GPU does in layman’s terms, but as far as I can tell, it’s a little piece of hardware that makes videos, images, and graphics run faster on computers, cell phones, and those fancy little Gameboy-like things the kids have nowadays. Nintendo DS? Is that what they’re called?

While women’s handball is great exercise and all, the S3 Chrome is a breakthrough in “small-form factors“, which is important to me, because I live by my laptop. So really, no S3 Chrome, no laptop, no Tournament of Everything. Tragedy!


Kolporter Kielce

Women's handball. Hot.

Never heard of handball? Well in Poland, they freak out about it. And why shouldn’t they? I have to say this, unlike almost every sport, handball is the closest to one’s natural inclination of what to do with a ball in a competitive context: Pick the fucking thing up and throw it into the goal of the opposition. OK, so it’s not that easy. You have to bounce the ball into the goal or something. Actually, there are a lot of rules. I recommend consulting the International Handball Federation if you’re intrigued.

I know I am, at least more so than I would be by a graphic accelerator. And especially so because I’m a male and this is women’s handball. At the risk of sounding sexist, I wouldn’t last half a game trying to decipher some sport I don’t care to understand if it involved men. But with women, well, I’m more inclined to give it a shot. Speaking of sexist, there unfortunately is very little information about Kolporter Kielce. I can’t seem to find an official website, most are for Polish men’s teams and leagues. And judging by Wikipedia, the team’s best achievements and history have yet to be written, and they don’t look to have made much of a dynasty dent in the Polish Ekstraklasa Women’s Handball League they play in. Shit, the team might not even exist. But clearly, if they do and if I ever find myself in Poland with no access to watching baseball, I’ve just found my favourite handball team. And I would imagine they’re yours now, too. Go Kolporter Kielce!!!

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