Tom Bethel vs. The World of Quest

Tom Bethel

Don't these guys look like they love Tom Bethel?

Tom Bethel is the national president of the American Maritime Officers union, the largest union of marine officers in the United States. Why should you care about some union president? Because of the juicy, juice scandal!

Bethel was appointed president in 2007, when the previous president, Michael McKay, and his treasurer-secretary brother Robert were charged with racketeering, mail fraud, and embezzling from the employee savings plan! Nasty! (They were convicted of most of their charges, but, to be fair, not embezzlement.)

As far as I can tell, Bethel is nowhere near as scandalous a union leader. The AMO seems to be in fine shape these days, after a few years of various scandals. But under Bethel, the AMO just seems to be going about its business, developing job opportunities for marine officers, and occasionally striking against the Wisconsin and Michigan Steamship Company.

Sure, this is all a lot dryer than a comic book. But in this economy, jobs are precious, and graphic novels are frankly a dime a dozen. Bethel’s just looking to protect the rights of guys who work on boats.

The World of Quest

This looks amazing and you know it.

Oh man, if I keep getting introduced to awesome comic books that I never knew about during my comic-book reading days, I’ll probably end up collecting again. World of Quest is a graphic novel with the following premise: In the land of Odyssia, former hero Quest unwillingly becomes the bodyguard to Prince Nestor a young smart-alec who knows the whereabouts of a mystic dagger that is the key to ultimate power. Together, they’ll face creatures, bounty hunters and other evils vying for the weapon. In the meantime, they’ll have to deal with each other.

Now, I haven’t read it so I can’t be sure, but judging by the fact that creator Jason T. Kruse was nominated for two Harvey Awards for Best Artist and Best Graphic Album, I’m saying that World of Quest is one of those smart comic books along the lines of Bones and Madman. Basically, they make for a fun and intelligent read. They’re the kind of example you can show your English teacher to disprove his or her idea that comics aren’t literature. Another sign is that it was briefly made into a kids’ cartoon show but then dropped by the Kids WB network, probably because they’re a bunch of conservative idiots who thought it was unsuitable for kids. (Once again, just a total shot in the dark there. I have no idea if this was in fact the case.) And just look at the animation up top. It looks frickin’ amazing! It’s been a long time since I’ve picked up a graphic novel, but I’m putting this one at the top of the list.

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