Bruin Democrats vs. Roy Hughes

Bruin Democrats

If you’ve been reading us for awhile, you can probably tell that we aren’t exactly right-leaning. So if I were a politically inclined student at UCLA, I might just join the idealistic young crowd at the Bruin Democrats.

A student organization that is part of the Young Democrats of America (and, ultimately, the Democratic Party), the Bruin Democrats have promoted youth participation in government, which is definitely a good thing. And according to their website, here is a list of things they support: “equal marriage rights for same-sex couples, greater financial support for scientific research on the federal level, aggressive climate-change prevention policies, universal healthcare, poverty reduction, and the separation of church and state.”

Who can argue with any of that? Justin’s Royston Hughes was a hypocritical Labour Party union organizer who later joined the peerage – come on! You live your life arguing for the rights and equality of the common man, and then you live out your days as a baron? What kind of kooky Dickens’ nonsense is that? Now, when members of the Bruin Democrats grow up and start to work in politics for real, most of them will probably lose their idealism and turn into major hypocrites themselves – that’s just how politics works. But in the meantime, they are full of hope and inspiration, determined to make their country a better place.


Roy Hughes

Another mind-blowing coincidence for the Tournament of Everything! (It’s honestly not fixed.) We’re both talking unions today. I’m generally in support of unions. The fact that most have become just as corrupt, bureaucratic and frustrating as the organizations they’re supposed to be in opposition to is unfortunate but I believe in their need to exist. Sure, give unions an inch and they’ll take miles and miles of shit, but that’s only due to the fact that if they didn’t, most companies would help themselves to completing raping their employees up the ass even further.

Um, but anyway, Royston John Hughes. Hughes was born in Pontllan-fraith, Monmouthshire in Wales. A small mining town, Pontllan-faith not only shaped his political views but also influenced his title; the name Baron Islwyn “comes from the mountain Mynyddislwyn, in the county of Gwent, where I was born and where I still have strong local and family connections.” Awesome!

Before the Labour party was a complete shit show, Hughes was championing the rights of British steel workers. Unlike your typical MP who talks the talk but is really only interested in power and hand jobs, Hughes came “from the factory floor to the House of Commons, and he understood intimately the problem of the blue-collar worker and the skilled workers.” Hughes was described as the “people’s peer.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the Bruin Democrats are a good group of people and all, but we can’t evencompare them to the Baron here. Power to the people!

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