Dupontia Perlucida vs. Elizabeth, MN

Dupontia Perlucida

I suppose I can only coast on pop culture in this tournament for so long before I have to deal an obscure, endangered air-breathing snail. It’s part of the Euconulidae family – aka the “hive snails”. At first I assumed this meant that these snails lived in hive-like formations, or maybe they terrorize bees, or maybe they operate under some creepy Borg-like hive-mind. But no such luck for those of you who like their science fact tinged with science fiction: hive snails are so named simply because their shells are shaped vaguely like bee hives. Nothing sinister there.

And that’s about all the internet can tell me, since I haven’t got time to call up an invertebrate expert for a crash course in snails. But who doesn’t love snails? Who among us didn’t spend many a sun-dappled childhood afternoon watching a little snail make it’s way across the driveway? Who doesn’t admire the snail’s determination despite its lack of speed? I’m sure Elizabeth, MN is a lovely place, but does it have the metaphorical strength of the simple snail?


Elizabeth, MN

This was the only picture I could find of Elizabeth, MN, and I like it that way.

There’s something about Minnesota … that Wikipedia’s random article generator seems to have a preference for. This is the second time I’ve ended up getting one of their lovely cities, and as with St.Louis Park, Elizabeth looks to be a winner. Um, that is if I can find out much about it. Elizabeth “has a total area of 0.9 km²” and an estimated population of 181 in 2003.

So you might say that things move kinda slowly in Elizabeth (although still faster than the pace of a snail. Heyo!). But who cares? As if spending time in a community of less than 200 wouldn’t be a nice change of pace. Located in Otter Tail County, just taking a look at the region’s official website is enough to entice me for a visit. And while Otter Tail County might traditionally be a Republican-voting region, well, shit, they offer great vacation house rentals!

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