Janis Hansen vs. Sistars

Janis Hansen

From Playboy Bunny to ex-wife to career talent agent: Janis is a self-made lady!

It’s not easy for women in Hollywood. You try so hard to be pretty that you end up looking like everybody else and you get cast in interchangeable one-off role on a variety of sitcoms, or maybe someone likes how you look in a bikini and boom, you’re a Playboy Bunny. Janis Hansen had a career like that. Playboy Bunny, bopping around from minor role to minor role (her best known role was as Felix’s ex-wife on The Odd Couple). But then, in 1982, she said fuck it. According to her IMDB filmography, Hansen’s last role was a guest spot on T. J. Hooker in 1982, after which she abandoned her unsatisfying acting career and started her own business – a talent management agency called Hansen Management.

Hansen might not be famous, but I bet she likes it that way. She’s clearly a smart lady – in an industry that will grind your self-esteem and sense of identity to a mutilated pulp, Hansen found a way to control her own career. Which is more than you can say for those wannabe Polish R&B singers. (“Polish R&B” are two words I never expected to find in a sentence together.)



Oh man, I love Polish pop/soul. Well, all right, maybe I’ve never heard it before. But check out their MySpace page and you can tell that they were the real deal. Winners of the MTV European Music Awards for Best Polish Act not once, but twice! They’ve played with acts such as Pink, Macy Gray, Kool And The Gang, Harlem Gospel Community Choir and Cypress Hill. And much respect to the fact that all of their music is played live.

Six members strong, even if you don’t like the type of music Sistars play, I think their talent is undeniable. At least more talented than taking your clothes off for Playboy (zing!). I’ll admit that all the No. 1 albums and singles doesn’t necessarily make the music good, but it does help put Poland on the map musically. More respect also goes to the fact that Sistars knew when to quite. Despite being the biggest band in Poland, they broke up in 2006 to go their separate ways. And finally, you know how when you watch other countries try to imitate Western music genres it often looks really forced and lame? Well, I’m not really a fan of what I see on Sistars’Freedom video, but it looks pretty genuine to me. The same can’t exactly be said for Ms. Jansen’s figure (zing again!).

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