Three-finger salute vs. Oyster Rock

Three-finger salute

Keith Olbermann is prepared.

There are few different types of three-fingered salutes, but the one with which North Americans (including Keith Olbermann, apparently) are most familiar is the Scouting/Guiding salute. I was a Pathfinder and a Junior Leader in high school, so I was well acquainted with holding up my hand palm out, with thumb and pinkie tucked in, and promising to do my best, to do my duty to God, the Queen, and my country. (Insofar as my duty mainly involved selling cookies, I upheld my oath. Tip to any Brownies, Guides, Cubs, or Scouts who are trying to sell cookies out there today: catch one of your teachers one his or her way to a staff meeting. Give them one box. The next day, every teacher in your school will be seeking you out for delicious cookies.)

How you feel about this particular incarnation of the three-fingered salute probably has most to do with your feelings about gently militaristic organizations for children. Personally, I had a great time as a Pathfinder – I really liked the polo shirts, and one time we baked a cake in a cardboard box. True story. In any case, to me the three- (or two-, if you are a Brownie or a Cub – you have to earn that third finger!) fingered salute makes me think of earnest children looking into fake ponds and seeing themselves. (If you’ve never been in a guiding organization, don’t even ask.) Of course, it also reminds me of my constant disappointment that “flying up” never involved any actual flying.

But a three-finger salute is also computer nerd slang for the desperate Control-Alt-Delete business you give your computer when its being a bitch. That’s pretty good too – it’s nice to have a specific action with which to take out one’s frustration with one’s computer, you know?

Serbians also use a three-fingered salute as a symbol of national pride which, given the tricky politics of that region, can be good or bad, I guess (some people take it as a provocation or a threat, some just like to flash it when they’ve one a football game. We live in a multi-faceted world.)

Three salutes in one! Whether you’re Serbian, a computer nerd, a former Girl Guide, or all three, you can’t disagree that the three-finger salute is an excellent salute indeed.


Oyster Rock

All right, after a shitty night’s sleep you have no idea how much more daunting it is to come up with absolute nonsense to support something you’ve never heard of before. But I lucked out with Oyster Rock, a part of the Mumbai harbour in Mumbai, India. Home of the Mumbai Port Trust, the site “handled over 57 million tonnes of cargo during 2007-2008.” But Oyster Rock is owned by the Indian Navy and I’m kinda getting conflicting information on its appeal. While it used to be a naval museum, now “the navy conducts its exercises and experiments in and around this island, tourists are advised to keep well clear of it.”

But then there’s also this news about it getting a global cruise terminal that would “establish Mumbai as a global travel and leisure destination.” So, as someone who’s never been to India, that might be a cool way to get there. I don’t know, I need to get more sleep. Better luck tomorrow. Vote for three-finger salute if you want to.

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