Pentaspadon vs. Baer’s Wood Mouse



Nothing like starting your Friday with a drupe (most absurdly amusing word ever? Perhaps.). The Pentaspadon is a rare species of the Anacardiaceae family (a family that contains the more common – and delicious – cashews) that grows in Southeast Asia. It’s growing increasingly rare due to habitat loss and is on the threatened list. It’s timber is used in cheap flooring, and you can roast its fruit. It has a few amusing local names, like kedondong (heh. ‘Dong’.) and umpit. Plus, its sap can be used to treat skin diseases.

And the Pentaspadon’s Anacardiaceae cousins are even more impressive. They include the cashew (the most snackable of all nuts), the mango (the most delicious of all fruits), the marula (the key ingredient in my university roommate’s most favourite of liquers, Amarula), and poison ivy (the most dangerous of all ivies).

Vote for Pentaspadon or it’ll send its cousin poison ivy after you!


Baer’s Wood Mouse

Won't anyone think of the Baer's Wood Mouse?

Apart from the scare factor that comes when they dart from out of nowhere through your kitchen early in the morning, mice are actually pretty cool. And if there’s anything cooler than your typical, household mice, it’s exotic mice. Baer’s Wood Mouse (also known as Baer’s Hylomyscus – fancy!) hangs out in subtropical and tropical forests found in Ivory Coast, Ghana and Sierra Leone.

Part of the Muridae family, they are part of one of the largest family of mammals in the world. However, as their forest areas themselves are threatened, the Baer’s Wood Mouse has been listed as Endangered, considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild, on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. So I don’t know exactly what the loss of a Baer’s Wood Mouse would mean to the world as that’s about all the information I can find on it, but I’m sure it relates to the whole stupid circle of life argument I’ve found myself unfortunately resorting to before. And it always happens to be on a Friday, too. Guess I’m clearly ready for the weekend. Have a good one everybody. Oh, and for added incentive to vote for Baer’s Wood Mouse, it’s far cuter than a Pentaspadon.

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