Stevie Nicholas vs. St. Paul’s Church, Scotforth

Stevie Nicholas

Happy Monday, all. Of course on the morning when I am groggy from a Benadryl-fueled sleep (I have been cat-sitting for my parents all weekend, and I’m allergic) and completely sick of athletics from two solid weeks of Olympic fever I get a Scottish footballer (a forward with the Montrose FC). This is the second footballer I’ve had to write about. I guess I can’t just link to that clip of Dan Rydell hating on soccer again, can I?

Anyway, according to the anonymous posters at Pie and Bovril, a soccer-themed message board, it seems, Stevie Nicholas is a talented and well-liked player. And if you can’t trust random strangers on the internet, who can you trust? Unfortunately, though, Nicholas’ early promise seems to have been stunted due to injury. He’s played for quite a lot of clubs, and it’s impressive that he keeps at it despite this mysterious injury alluded to on Wikipedia.

It’s tough to compare a man to a church: on the one hand, I don’t necessarily think all that highly of pro athletes in general, though Nicholas seems like a likable underdog type. On the other hand, organized religion is the main source of hatred and violence in the world.

I need another coffee.


St Paul’s Church, Scotforth

"Almost beyond belief."

I’ll admit, I wasn’t in church yesterday. That’s due to a number of reasons but I know the chances of me attending would’ve been a lot higher if my local church was St. Paul’s. Designed by Lancaster resident and architect, Edmund Sharpe, in 1874, the church has been described by history of art and architecture Sir Nikolaus Bernhard Leon Pevsner as “strange building” and “an anachronism, almost beyond belief.” That’s high praise.

And religion aside, the building is essential in bringing the community together as explored in this article by the Lancaster Guardian. Does anyone remember communities? Where people actually help other people out? Nah, most people are busy getting into fights over silly things like football.

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