Tervete vs. Goldmoon


Maybe Goldmoon lives somewhere like the mysterious forest of Tervete. Oh wait, she doesn't. BECAUSE SHE IS MADE UP.

My apologies to the people of Latvia: I don’t know how to make that little line over the ‘o’. Anyway, I like Latvia. I think. Well, I like Latvians. I used to have some Latvian friends and the main thing they taught me was the expression “ej bekolt” which, I guess, means fuck off, but literally means “go find a mushroom” (and not just any mushroom, but a very specific and hard to find type of mushroom). I really dig the passive aggresiveness in that phrase. Also, my Latvian friends taught me a verse that sounds like dirty words in English but is just innocent and silly words in Latvian. My point is that Latvians throw good New Year’s Day parties.

So, Tervete. It sounds like a pretty cool village, with a neat history involving kings and rings and hillforts and wooden castles. While Justin’s nerding out over there with a fantasy novel series full of fakery and lies, Tervete offers the real thing: an elf forests with witch houses, historical legends, 300-year-old trees. (It is also the site of a MYSTERIOUS OLD AIR FORCE BASE. Somebody call the Scooby gang!) Now, I realize I’m on the internet, and making fun of fantasy novel-lovers won’t get me very far, but seriously – are you going to sit around reading some lame formulaic trash novel with a hideous cover while everyone on the subway makes fun of you, or are you going to get your butt over to Latvia and visit an actual elf forest?



She's a babe!

Oh man, so not only has the Tournament of Everything exposed that I used to be a big comic book nerd, now I have to confess that I used to play Dungeons & Dragons. But dammit, I’m not ashamed. How the hell else was I supposed to get through Junior High School living in Calgary?

Fine, so maybe I didn’t date any girls until high school. But if there’s anything to be said about the whole Dragonlance book series that was based on D&D, it’s that it did get me to start reading for leisure and it did expand my imagination (I mean, as much as a game involving rolling dice to determine how many hit points of damage you inflict can). The Chronicles Trilogy were the seminal texts to read as an introduction to Dragonlance (and it wasn’t just for geeks) and Goldmoon figured prominently in the three books.

According to the Dragonlance Nexus, Goldmoon was “able to see the spirits of the dead and talk them or order them to do her bidding. She wore a Medallion of Faith, as other clerics did.” Oh yeah, and she also had a “beautiful voice and could play the lute.” To be honest, I can’t exactly remember that much about her or those Dragonlance books (other than the fact that her relationship with Riverwind kept you reading cause, well, when you haven’t dated any girls then you just learn through relationships in fantasy realms. … All right, I think we should be wrapping things up here soon). But just follow that link for the full back story. And that link will lead you to many other links and before you know it, you’ll be hooked. Say what you will about roll playing, it is impressive how people have created an entirely new world for themselves. It’s at least more creative than administrative work in Latvia.

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