Castelnau d’Auzan vs. Milan Perendija

Castelnau d’Auzan

Is there a more idyllic sounding place than the south of France? Warm, sunny, relaxed, full of delicious wine and fatty food and France’s stellar social services: why do I live in this freezing stinkhole again? Well, that’s it: I am up and ready to move to Castelnau d’Auzan. Well, I’d at least like to visit. They seem to have a lot of local feasts and attic sales (the French version of a garage sale, I’m assuming), which are both things I can get behind. And Cd’A (that’s what I’m calling it now) looks gorgeous, on a river, surrounded by medieval churches and castles. It’s apparently full of European retirees, so it’s sure to be quiet and peaceful. Plus, for those of you who giggle hysterically over those lists of hilarious place names, Cd’A is just down the river from a town called Condom. That’s right. Condom.

Anyway, you can get caught up with the goings-on of Cd’A here. Don’t you love French web design? Whatever, they’re too busy eating amazingly well to bother with web 2.0. Wine. Cassoulets. Football doesn’t stand a chance.


Milan Perendija

I guess with Alison’s luck, it’s only fair that I get a football player as well. I too am not a big fan of the sport, unless it happens to be the Dutch national team playing in which case it’s the greatest thing ever (getting closer) and I totally lose my fucking mind. But otherwise, I don’t really relate to a sport that glorifies the beauty of missed shots. Sure, some of the greatest moments in football are the greatest you will see in sports. But then, a lot of the game doesn’t look to be played on a more elevated level than I witnessed in high school.

Anyways, you’re not likely to see the greatest goal ever made by Milan Perendija. However, this Serbian footballer did represent his country at the 2005 UEFA European Under-19 Football Championship. He plays for FC Otelul Galati. He’s versatile in that he can play both defensive or defensive midfielder, both respectable positions in football in that it actually involves you running the whole game unlike those cherrypicking strikers. Suffice it to say, at 24 years old, Perendija is living it up, having realized his dreams as a professional footballer while I write snarky little blog posts and pray that one day Holland will win the World Cup. I guess it’s still better than being some hippie Auzanais in France though.

Dennis Bergkamp! Dennis Bergkamp! Dennis Bergamp! Ooohhhhhh!!!!

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