Nicole Ménard vs. Henderson Township, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

Nicole Ménard

No concealed weapons here, folks.

Oh goody, Quebec politics on a sunny Friday morning when I’d rather be out skating. Nicole Ménard would probably also rather be out skating – she’s the Minister of Tourism for Quebec, and therefore should always be seen skating blissfully around her gorgeous home province. For a politician (a hard sell here in the Tournament, I know) who spent a lot of time working in banks (another hard sell), Ménard seems like a pretty nice lady. And she probably has the best job in Quebec politics – Quebec tourism is pretty great. We went on a holiday to Gaspé (the province’s best kept secret) last fall, and it was amazing. Anyone in charge of tourism in Quebec is ok by me. Also? No one asks about how they can get a concealed weapon. Sheesh.


Henderson Township, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

All right, I happen to have the day off today so we’re going to make this quick. On a day off, I’d like nothing better than to chill the fuck out in Henderson Township. And it looks like Huntingdon County can accommodate this. Um, never mind that the No. 1 frequently asked question on their website is: How can you obtain a concealed weapon permit? Just take in the breathtaking scenery. Besides, with a population of 1,727 according to a 2000 census, I’m pretty sure they’ve got things well under control over there, unclouded by idiot politicians who make our lives miserable. OK, that might be wishful thinking, but it’s my day off and I can be as deluded as I want. Happy weekend everyone.

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