Culverhay School vs. Anne Rapp

Culverhay School

Inside this unassuming secondary school is the rockin' radio station Lazer FM.

It’s Monday morning and everyone will be talking about last night’s Oscars. But since they were the most boring Oscars ever (aside from that crazy lady in the purple cape who interrupted the guy who won for Best Documentary Short, and the double whammy of a lady FINALLY winning Oscars for Direction and Best Picture, which had the added bonus of no one having to listen to James Cameron talk. Ok, best Oscars ever. I digress.), you’ll probably want to change the subject. And what better to talk about than this charming boys’ school at Rush Hill in Bath, England?

Culverhay School is a small (only 371 students) specialist school for maths (British!) and computing. In addition to teaching like normal, they also offer community workshops on evenings and weekends, so everyone can share in the learning. Plus, they’ve got a swimming pool, which is open for community use as well. Plus, the kids are very involved in the community. Coolest of all, they’ve got a school radio station, Lazer FM. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything about their radio station because the website won’t open for me.

In short: Education! Bath! Maths! Lazer FM (let’s just assume it’s awesome)! Against what, one more screenwriter? Please. Hollywood is so last night.


Anne Rapp

How appropriate that a day after the Oscars we actually have someone interesting to discuss in the film world. Sure, you’ve probably never heard of Anne Rapp before but that’s just because the Academy doesn’t dole out awards for best script saved from being a complete shit show. Rapp was a script supervisor and if you take a look at her resume, she hasn’t let many clunkers get by her. This is Spinal Tap, The Color Purple, Uncle Buck, The Accidental Tourist, um, ¡Three Amigos!, all pretty A-grade stuff. Oh, and she just happened to work with a certain Robert Altman, writing the screenplays for Cookie’s Fortune and Dr. T and the Women.

Rapp also penned the musical A Ride with Bob “the first-ever musical drama about the life of Bruce Wills.” (Not Bruce Willis, much to Alison’s disappointment.) Fine, I don’t know who he is either but it’s still impressive. Rapp is also slated to direct a film called Double Wide. I can’t find much to back that up but I think it’s fair to say that you’re going to learn more from her life experience than you will at some preppy English boys school.

Now, I better cut this out before it turns into one of those embarrassing speeches the nominees for best actor and actress got last night. What the fuck was that all about? They should lock all these people up so that they can go on and on about how great they are. “Colin Firth the magnificent?” Fuck off!

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