Relicina vs. John Wiedeman


Nothing like the thought of fungus to kick off a sunny Tuesday morning. Actually, relicina is the very pretty name for a type of lichen, and lichen is no ordinary fungus. Lichen is like a super algae: It can indicate environmental dangers like air pollution and metal contamination, and some lichens are used to make dyes, perfumes, and medicine.

To be perfectly honest, the idea of stuff growing on other stuff is kind of icky. But my best friend’s mom, who is a very cool lady, is really into lichen, and, frankly, that’s good enough for me. And seriously, a complex symbiote (that means lichen is necessary for the existence of a bunch of other organisms) vs. some annoying sportscaster? Are you kidding me?


John Wiedeman

It’s very unCanadian of me to not really give a rat’s ass about hockey these days. But it wasn’t always this way. I used to follow every game and when I did, let me tell you, the commentator can make all the difference. Take, for example, the difference between CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada telecasts and your during the week Sportsnet or TSN coverage. Now, I know that Bob Cole is getting more and more confused with age, but he still has the voice. Compared to Jim Hughson? Oh man, that guy made that hockey video game unplayable. Stop trying so hard!

But John Wiedeman plays it cool. Um, maybe a bit too cool, but I hate that forced enthusiasm in commentators’ voices these days. It’s like they almost get too excited on an embarrassing level and while you’re in mid-celebration you just think, “Geez, guy, calm down.” Anyways, Wiedeman previously covered games for the New York Islanders and the Philadelphia Flyers so he knows his stuff and, oh yeah, his pay check isn’t funded by our tax dollars. Thanks, CBC!

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