MeteorCity vs. Prime Minister of Crimea


Considering that right now I am listening to a Pet Shop Boys live album and bopping around in my seat (when are we going to get Pandemonium into the tournament? This song wins so hard!), I’m probably not the greatest person to defend a record label that is primarily responsible for launching stoner rock. It was a lot easier that time I got Abba.

But just because I don’t listen to stoner rock, doesn’t mean it’s not good. And to the people who love stoner rock, Meteor City is probably the best thing ever (it says right there on their website: The Best Rock…Ever! Who am I to argue with that?). Meteor City is the record label responsible for launching stoner rock in the first place. (Plus right now they are offering free worldwide shipping on everything they sell, which is just so solid – last month I tried to buy a birthday present for my sister from the Pee Wee Herman store and shipping to Canada cost almost twice as much as the t-shirt I wanted to order. Take a lesson from Meteor City, Pee Wee!)

Anyway, without Meteor City, who would distribute albums by bands like Egypt, Freedom Hawk, or Village of Dead Roads? Not the President of Crimea.


Prime Minister of Crimea

Ah, Crimea. A place I know next to nothing about. So I offer you Wikipedia’s entry on it, this travel site and finally this cool-looking site that seems to be somewhere between the two.

Over its history, Crimea has constantly been controlled by someone else. From the Greeks to the Russians (and that whole Crimean War thing) that has to get kinda annoying. So when in 1991, “Crimea [became] a parliamentary republic which is governed by the Constitution of Crimea in accordance with the laws of Ukraine,” that had to be a nice change. The Prime Minister “is proposed by the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea with the approval of the President of Ukraine, presides over the Council of Ministers of Crimea.” From my count, there have been 14 prime ministers since then with the current one, Viktor Plakida, in office since June 2, 2006. So, um, I guess things are going pretty well? Job well done? There really isn’t too much info about it that I can find so please do excuse the ignorance of this post. But I still put more effort into this than a stoner rocker.

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