Locust Grove vs. Saskia van Hintum

Locust Grove

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Here are some things that everyone loves, don’t deny it:
– houses where famous people lived
– secret codes?
– the miracle of telecommunication

LOCUST GROVE HAS ALL THOSE THINGS! Locust Grove, also known as Samuel Morse House, is where the inventor of the telegraph and Morse code lived from 1847 (three years after he hit the big time with a little thing called the telegraph) until his death in 1872. The house has been preserved as a historic site, so if you find yourself in Poughkeepsie you should drop in and visit this gorgeous Italianate villa (designed by Alexander Jackson David, who designed a whole bunch of nifty buildings ripped off from Italian styles). You can even get married there!

Frankly, today is no contest – the lovely old home of the man who first brought us wireless communication, or some volleyball player? I’m sure she’s lovely, but come on.


Saskia van Hintum

Hup Holland! As if Saskia van Hintum isn’t the best thing ever. As I happen to be Dutch, I might be a bit biased on this one. But really, a house in Poughkeepsie is no match for this former Olympic volleyball player. Yes, her 1996 team only managed to finish fifth, but I’m sure it was still a triumphant performance. I remember watching the Dutch men’s volleyball team blow everyone’s mind back at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona by advancing all the way to the final. They ended up with silver but you’ve never seen a country so taken with volleyball.

Of course, now that I’m older and cynical, I realize how pathetic that all kind of is. But there’s something endearing about Dutch supporters at these events. Win or lose, they’re on the booze. They tend to be pretty good sports about the whole thing. Sure, all that orange paraphernalia is stupid but it’s not doing anyone any harm … so anyway, van Hintum is a trainer now (you’ll just have to trust me that that is what the article is about) and continuing the glory of Dutch pride for people like me to completely lose their mind over. Speaking of losing minds, happy St. Patrick’s Day people. Do the Irish proud and pace yourself on those pints. Don’t be a novice drunk, it’s embarrassing.

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  1. “random article” on wikipedia brought me to Saskia Van Hintum’s page (which had nothing but a huge notice mentioning a possible copyright infringement). I then googled the name, since I wasn’t familiar with it, and came to this blog entry. I enjoy the coincidence of it all as well as the interesting read. Thank you.

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