Blót: Sacrifice in Sweden vs. Bold Ruritana

Blót: Sacrifice in Sweden

It pains me to argue against a racehorse, but here we go. You know, being on MySpace really puts a dent in your satanic neo-fascist cred, Michael Moynihan. What’s next, an appearance on Goth Talk?

Whatever. We’re talking about your crazy experimental industrial folk band Blood Axis and your live album Blót, which, according to Wikipedia, incorporates the music of J. S. Bach, Prokofiev, the poetry of Longfellow, the philosophy of Nietzsche, the voice of Mussolini, and…wolves. And Sweden. That’s excellent. I have no frame of reference for what you’re doing, and if I had to listen to it I’d probably rip my ears off, but from an intellectual, performance art-loving standpoint, Blót: Sacrifice in Sweden sounds balls out awesome.

I now I have to get my decidedly non-neo-Fascist job.


Bold Ruritana

For the purposes of this tournament, it’s Canada vs. Sweden, not racehorses (what’s with all the random racehorse entries?) vs. European industrial music. Put your love of music aside and vote accordingly. Sure, most of you probably know as little about racehorses as I do. And Blod Ruritana’s pedigree and partial racing stats looks more like the periodic table. But that doesn’t matter, Bold Ruritana is a Canadian Thoroughbred Champion Filly racehorse. I don’t know what that means either but she’s Canadian! We just spent two weeks cheering for Canadians in sports that we don’t give a shit about but then pretend that it means the world every four years! Well, why should this be any different? Let’s keep dominating that podium! Bold Ruritana rules! Go Canada!

Still not completely recovered from the weekend yet.

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