Consumer Expenditure Survey vs. Jerry Marotta

Consumer Expenditure Survey

This survey, unfortunately, does not tell you how many people would eat beans with George Wendt.

Remember that episode of Animaniacs where the Warners are at the mall and they keep getting harassed by these two women demanding to know if they like to take a survey and then bombarding them with bizarre questions about beans and George Wendt? No? Well, it was hilarious, and if Warner Brothers weren’t total jerks, I’d be able to link you up to it on YouTube, but NO, it’s disappeared, so you’ll just have to make do with Yakko’s Universe instead.

Anyway, if it weren’t for consumer surveys like the Consumer Expenditure Survey, that amazing Animaniacs sketch wouldn’t exist, and my sisters and I wouldn’t have cracked each other up for hours on long car rides by asking our parents “Wouldja like to take a survey? Do you eat beans? Do you like George Wendt? Would you eat beans with George Wendt?” Little comic geniuses, that’s what we were.

Anyway, surveys. If it weren’t for this big consumer survey how would we know, for example, that in 2008, people spent more on food and less on clothing than in the previous year? And sure, taking a survey can be a bit annoying, but doesn’t it also make you feel a little bit important, like your habits and opinions matter, and you are contributing to important data that will lead to a greater understanding of our society? No? Well, would you eat beans with George Wendt?


Jerry Marotta

If you play in a band, you know that finding a reliable drummer is one of the toughest feats you’ll face (um, unless you are that drummer. In which case, learn your parts and stop changing them at the last minute!). That’s something you don’t have to tell Jerry Marotta. Dude has played with just about everybody. And by everybody, I’m talking about Paul McCartney, Orleans, Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates, Indigo Girls, Tony Levin and Stevie Nicks and Mike Campbell. (And dude put down drums for Tears for Fears’ The Working Hour! Awesome! … Although that sax part hasn’t aged so well. Jesus!) Maybe one of the reasons Marotta is such a good drummer is that he’s also a singer and producer. In other words, he can use his ears. Of course, he can also tear it up. And he seems like a pretty nice guy to boot. And according to his website, he offers great rates on recording and session work. Hmmm. Just might give him a shout someday.

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