Flying car (fiction) vs. Mike Mareen

Flying Car

Now that the President of the United States is a black man for real and the iPad means swiping stuff around on a computer screen is turning into the norm, the main way movies have to let us know it’s the future is by featuring flying cars. Since The Jetsons (actually, much earlier), the flying car has been a beloved futuristic trope, from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to the DeLorean that doesn’t need roads where it’s going. Even non-science fiction movies try to get in on the flying car action (well, possibly only Grease, but still).

And no wonder! Short of being able to fly ourselves, possession of a flying car must be one of the top fantasies ever. How often have you been stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic and wished your car could just rise above the 401 and zoom over the city skyline straight to your house? You’re not alone, and here in 2010, which certainly sounds a lot like the future, we are still lamenting our lack of flying cars. Ok, there are obviously a million reasons flying cars would be a terrible idea in real life, but we’re not talking about real life. We’re talking about Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


Mike Mareen

He can't fly, but he played Hamburg Star Club!

After the Beatles rocked Hamburg, someone had to take their place, right? OK, so maybe Mike Mareen’s gigs at the Star Club weren’t likely to have been as epic. But with his band Cemetery Institution, he still played there. As a matter of fact! Sure, if we had the advantage of Alison’s fictitious leeway in this tournament we could just say he not only played Hamburg’s Star Club but his performances there rendered the Beatles’ music completely obsolete. On top of that, in order to avoid the mad stampede of fans he ended up building a flying car in his dressing room to escape. But no, this is real life, and while Mareen’s bio might pale in comparison to the achievements that exist in science-fiction writers’ heads, it’s pretty impressive for those of us back on planet Earth.

Just take a look at his official website. The first thing that strikes you is, is Mareen both the proprietor of awesome ’80s music as well as fine leather fashion? (That link is still under construction.) Going to his “star page” bio we find out that “Mike Mareen was born in Berlin and grew up in Lüneburg, Germany … stayed for several years in America as a vocalist for various American groups. Returned home, he took acting and piano lessons in order to enlarge his artistic skill. Through his extravagant live show he became overnight one of the most wanted live show acts in Europe … In 1982 he founded Night ‘n’ Day Records, his own record label. The major goal was – and is – to help young artists gain a foothold in the music business. … In 1984/85 Mike realized Dance Control publish 1985 a co-production with Chris Evans-Ironside called Dancing In The Dark, which became a No. 1 hit in 27 countries around the world. Sold out show events, e.g. in Mexico City in front of an audience of 50.000 are a evidence for this.”

Not bad for a non-fictional person. And if you’re still not impressed, get ready to have your mind fucking blown by Mareen’s performance of his ultimate club hit Love Spy. Forget flying cars, that is some intense shit (what is that dance? And those glasses? Awesome!).

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