García López de Cárdenas vs. Replication (optical media)

García López de Cárdenas

If Europeans hadn't discovered it, how would we know it was there? Think about it.

Here we are, living our overprivileged colonialist lives full of glorious freedom and excess in North America. And do you know why? Because intrepid European conquistadors like García López de Cárdenas left their humdrum lives in Spain to cross the ocean and bring smallpox to the indigenous peoples of North America and name rivers after themselves.

Cárdenas is credited with being the first European to set eyes on the Grand Canyon, though he certainly wasn’t the last, considering the Grand Canyon gets millions of tourists every year, and at least a couple of those have got to be European tourists.

Expeditions by guys like Cárdenas shaped society as we know it. If it weren’t for him and his fellow conquistadors, who knows what kind of world we’d be living in now?


Replication (optical media)

More impressive than the Grand Canyon?

Firstly, apologies are overdue on our absence earlier this week. Got just a bit too comfortable with the long weekend there. Also, frustration has started to creep in on occasion on this quest to find the best thing ever. While we’re set out to stumble upon this thing randomly, I’m starting to become convinced that Wikipedia’s random article function is rigged. Obviously, that’s total bullshit but it doesn’t cease to amaze me how out of all the stuff on there, I always seem to end up with a small village, an military base or some Swedish track and field dude who finished sixth in the long jump competition at the 1920 Olympics.

Now don’t get me wrong, that’s all great shit. But when you’re up against the dude who discovered the Grand Canyon, that’s just not going to cut it. So, nine clicks later we have a worthy opponent: the replication of optical media. And this isn’t to be confused with burning, which is a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against burning per se, I’m listening to a burnt CD right now (I did actually pay for it, I bought the vinyl version which comes with a free download of the album and then I burned it to CD because I fucking hate listening to music off of my computer … just so you know). And I have no problem with how burning is responsible for the music (and even film) industries getting their tits in a bind about how it’s robbing the artists ability to create. Of course, this is a cover up for how senior management who don’t have a creative bone in their body are no longer getting billion dollar bonuses. I do believe in buying and supporting music.

But I can also see how after being overpriced for the last few decades has given consumers a sense of entitlement. CD replication has made music accessible to all, and that’s usually the mission statement of any true artist: to have their work heard or seen. But some burning and consumption of music is just ridiculous. How much music can you actually listen to? And at such poor quality as well?

But anyways, back onto the actual replication of optical media and why it wins: It gave us the compact disc and the DVD. I think that’s enough right there. I know, I know, the Grand Canyon is really frickin’ beautiful. Truly a remarkable discovery and a wonder of nature. I’m not going to disagree with any of that. But don’t pretend go all pro nature on me and just admit the chances of you making a trip without any filmic or musical distraction wouldn’t be a tough one. You would’ve been there to visit already if it was more important to you. And if you have visited there already, well, I’ll just shut my big jerk mouth.

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