Red Lake County Courthouse vs. The Three Little Birds

Red Lake County Courthouse

I was a bit obsessed with fairy tales and folk tales when I was younger, so I’m pretty jealous of Justin this morning. But not too jealous, because I get to reminisce about a time when city planners and bureaucrats had respect for aesthetics, and pride was taken in designing municipal buildings.

The Red Lake County Courthouse was designed by the marvelously named architect Fremont D. Orff, who also designed this lovely old building in the Exchange District on one of my favourite streets in Winnipeg (there’s a funky coffee shop across the street where you can buy anarchist books). It’s a lovely Beaux Arts building from 1911, the likes of which you never see being built anymore because our municipal planners are jerks who care more about penny-pinching than city beautification. At least we have buildings like the Red Lake County Courthouse to remind us that justice can be aesthetically pleasing.


The Three Little Birds

Quality storytellers, the Brothers Grimm

I know that I’ve argued for reality over fantastical before, but that’s when it didn’t involve going against a county courthouse. I mean, that shit is way too boring. Plus, The Three Little Birds is a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. You know you’re getting a quality piece of work right there. How can you be so sure? Oh, I don’t know, they just happen to be two of the best-know storytellers of all time, having penned Snow White, Cinderella and Hansel and Gretel among many others. (Plenty of info out there on them, but I kinda liked this page.)

But what is Three Little Birds? Are you sure that’s not mean to be pigs? Or bears? Apparently, they’ve published over 700 tales so it’s fair to suggest that at tale No. 96, The Three Little Birds may’ve gotten a bit neglected in the mix. I can’t quite make out what the hell it’s all about from the summary, but I’m hoping that I’ll have a chance to read the whole thing at work. We need these intelligent fairy tales to escape from our mundane, county courthouse lives from time to time, you know?

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