Less (band) vs. Flora Redoumi


More Less?

Listen, alternative rock is not really my thing, so I can’t really comment on Less’ musical contributions. (You can listen to them here, if you feel so inclined.) Their Wikipedia page compares them Soundgarden, Tool, and Led Zeppelin, and their albums were praised in magazines like Sorted and Skratch, and who am I to argue with those wise publications?

According to a quick Google search, there are two other bands parading around under the name of Less. The Less appear to be some sort of overwrought boy band out of Atlanta, while Less the Band seems to be some twee hipster outfit that describes themselves as “vaguely supernatural”. No thank you. (They do have a nice website, though.) Even to my alternative-resistant ears, Less is the best Less out there!


Flora Redoumi

Go Greece! Oh, is that a Canadian in the other lane? I'm so torn.... Nah, go Flora!

Firstly, I can’t stand the Olympics. Secondly, I can’t stand that during last night’s Jays game Rogers Sportsnet decided to interview three of the members of Canada’s women’s hockey team in the middle of a tie game. Thirdly, I was always terrible at athletics in high school. So that doesn’t make for a very positive start in defence of Greek hurdler Flora Redoumi.

But with a personal best time of 12.86 seconds in the 100 metre hurdles, she’s the second fastest in the history of Greece. Even for crotchety people like me, you have to respect that. And I respect that she’s not a superstar athlete with lots of product endorsements and all that nonsense. She’s someone you can root for. I can’t seem to find too many moments of glory, but here’s a video of her finishing fourth. And here’s the date she was born. Thanks internet! Go Flora!

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