Nissen Osterneck vs. Felt (hip hop group)

Nissen Osterneck

Putting the "Jew" in Jiu-jitsu

Well, here’s a documentary waiting to happen. A Hawaiian, Jewish mixed martial artist? I had no idea there were Jews in Hawaii. Anyway, every Jewish girl I know just had a heart palpitation that a nice Jewish boy is also (a) Hawaiian and (b) a kick-ass UFC fighter. Ok, maybe not so much about that last part. (I went out on the boringest date one time with a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter. Boys, never tell a girl how 2001: A Space Odyssey like, totally, changed how you view cinema. Especially not on a first date. Oy.)

Anyway, Nissen Osterneck looks like he doesn’t have time to be pretentious about Kubrick movies. He is clearly way too busy getting pumped up and punching other dudes in the head. Look, I’m not into this sort of commercialization of violence – I find it depressing. But I recognize that there is a large percentage of the population for whom this is a relatively harmless way to channel burning inner aggression. I can’t argue that our boy Nissen is the best thing EVER, but he surely better than this annoying hip hop group that Justin is making me listen to right now. Oy.

(Plus he’s kinda dreamy).



Well, I was in the process of listening to the Wedding Present’s Bizarro this morning in anticipation of that band’s concert tonight at the Horseshoe, where they’ll be playing that album in its entirety. But, this post isn’t about Wedding Present (although they are pretty awesome, do check them out). Anyway, I think the best thing I can say about hip hop act Felt (not to be confused with the ’80s British band. Um, nor the non-woven cloth material), is that despite wanting to listen to Wedding Present at full blast right now and not being the biggest hip hop fan, they actually sound really good.

And they’re kinda intriguing, too. A kind of supergroup, the members are Slug (from Atmosphere) and MURS (of Living Legends). All of their albums are named after actresses (Christina Ricci, Rosie Perez and Lisa Bonet) and each album contains two songs named after celebrities (Suzanne Vega, Rick James, Morris Day, Marvin Gaye, Kevin Spacey and Paul Reubens). I’m intrigued, although I’m not sure I fully understand their ode to Reubens. But I do understand it more than mixed martial arts for sure.

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