Ivan Rabuzin vs. Lars Mikael Akerfeldt

Ivan Rabuzin

Don't be so naive!

Digging back into my memories of art class, I’m struggling to remember if we actually studied naive art (which is apparently an offensive term for “vernacular art”), but I feel like we must have because I remember studying (and loving) Henri Rousseau. “Naive Art” also reminds me of Outsider Art, and I’m not exactly sure how it’s different.

Anyway, Ivan Rabuzin is such an artist, and his work, like Rousseau’s, looks like it’s been pulled straight out of a particularly charming children’s book. Born in Croatia in 1921, Rabuzin was a furniture-maker in a small Croatian village who drew and painted in his spare time.
His paintings are lovely and whimsical, and he was reputedly just as nice as you’d think the man who created such charming imagery.


Lars Mikael Akerfeldt

Happy Friday everybody. For a change, take that trendy indie record off and get your weekend started with the shredding guitar work of Lars Mikael Åkerfeldt. Singer and lead guitarist of the Swedish death metal band Opeth, Åkerfeldt also sings for the band Bloodbath. And you know, they’re kinda cool, too.

I’ll confess that while I love a lot of metal, I never really picked up on death metal much. In a lot of ways, it all kinda sounds the same to me. But I imagine that for a death metal fan, all these indie hipster bands wearing ties all sounds like the same shit, too. Anyways, everybody knows that Europe is where it’s at when it comes to metal. Without the New Wave of British Metal, you wouldn’t have your Metallicas and all that. Guys like Åkerfeldt push the boundaries of metal a little more, and for people who love their techie music, that’s a good thing. And he seems like a pretty funny guy to boot. You know, for a death metal dude.

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