Reynaert vs. Lotus Challenge


As you already know, I love the Eurovision Song Contest, although I am generally baffled by it. However, insofar as “best thing ever” can be interpreted a “most awesomely ridiculous thing ever”, anything having to do with Eurovision is a strong contender in the Tournament of Everything. Even Reynaert.

There are a few routes you can take when entering Eurovision. There’s the totally batshit insane route, there’s the lame satire that is incomprehensible to anyone outside your country route, and then there’s the heartfelt (if overwrought) plea to save the world route, which is where our man Reynaert comes in. Reynaert is a Belgian singer who is known only for his 1988 Eurovision entry, Laissez briller le soleil, an extremely depressing song whose English lyrics include a line about mutilated toddlers. It tied for last. Only the French judges liked it. But at least he tried! At least he was in Eurovision. He wasn’t home playing video games, he was out trying to change the world in his weird, mulleted way.


Lotus Challenge

A better way to vent your road rage.

Happy Monday everyone. Chances are, it’s not such a happy Monday as you’re making your way through morning traffic. Especially if you’re someone like me who just really fucking hates cars. So I shouldn’t really be a fan of the Lotus series of video games. But I appreciate what the series did for, um, gaming. Two-player simultaneous play is a good thing. And I have fond memories of going to the arcade with friends and racing against each other. Keeping in mind, that was at an arcade not on an actual road like some idiots do.

That’s really the reason games like Lotus Challenge should exist, right? Sure, vent your frustration at the world by driving a computer animated car way past the speed limit so that you don’t have to do so in real life. Just like how I enjoy video games where you blow up everything on the screen, doesn’t mean I’m going to proceed to actually blow things up. At least it’s not like some Belgian pop star who’s going to scare you off music for life.

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